Bring a Buddy event boosts employer network

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The Lancashire Career Hub recently held a virtual working lunch” event where current Enterprise Advisers were asked to bring a friend or colleague along to chat about the role of being an Enterprise Adviser in a more informal way. Although the Career Hub team were on hand at the meeting, it was through the words of current EAs Rob Burns, Tracy Murphy and Neil Horner that the event was a mix of sharing experiences, answering questions and offering advice. 

I’m sure we can all attest to the fact that opportunities are more readily accepted when they come recommended from someone we know and trust, whether that be a holiday destination, clothing brand or a chance to volunteer and make a difference in your local community. Thanks to the good work of the current Enterprise Advisers and their networks, the event was shared far and wide by word of mouth and online social media platforms leading to great exposure of the opportunity and a high level of engagement. 

Our Enterprise Advisers come from different industry sectors and professional backgrounds, be that employed, self-employed or recently retired. As an Enterprise Adviser you can use your unique business experience to inspire young people and prepare them for when they leave education. You can read more and learn about some of our current Enterprise Advisers here.

Evidence proves that a young person who has four or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training and can earn up to 18% more during their career. 

Michael Afflick, prospective Enterprise Adviser who attended the event: 

I really like the idea of supporting my local ‘community’ and would be very keen to get involved in some capacity. I think about my own career and how my life experiences have pushed me just as far as my qualifications, how they have been my biggest motivation at times – the areas Rob (current EA) talked about specifically resonated with me on a personal level.   

As an aside, but potentially connected, I work closely with the diversity and inclusion team within the organisation I currently work for, and the angle I bring is more about those who have struggled with opportunity when it comes to education and university, more often than not from deprived backgrounds. These individuals are often labelled or rejected through no fault of their own and I want to offer as much support and assistance as I can, even if it’s simply opening doors and making connections. 

 I have struggled to find ways to help and support beyond my ‘day job’ and hopefully this is something which can meet that need.  

For more information on the Enterprise Adviser role and how to become involved, visit the website below or contact  

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