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The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a youth programme designed specifically for Year 11 and 12 students. This summer, students from all over Lancashire have the opportunity to embark on the NCS experience where they’ll mix with a new crowd and take on fresh challenges together.  

NCS has adapted their previous programme structure to suite these uncertain and ever-changing times. NCS is now offering both a 3-week residential and a 2-week non-residential programme over summer 2021. 

“We understand not everyone is too keen on getting away just yet, so our 2-week programme is better suited to those who want to stay local and be home in time for tea, whilst still gaining that invaluable experience that NCS offers.  

Participants will have the same amazing time whichever programme they choose to go on. They both include meeting new friends, navigating fun and exciting new challenges, and learning life skills that will help smash future goals. Participants will also find out more about their local community and work together as a team to turn their passion into action, delivering a social action project that tackles an issue that is important to them.  

The three-week programme will consist of all the above plus a residential week, where participants stay in selected accommodation overnight for four nights. For the two-week programme, you will do all of this in your local area, with no residential aspect.  

For each programme, the week lasts five days, with a two-day break in between.  

There are a variety of programmes taking place across July and August 2021 and by using the link below, you will be able to see which programmes are available for your school. 

Each school is also allocated a designated NCS provider who will have been in contact to provide more information regarding the local NCS Programmes and what they offer. They will be your best point of contact for all things NCS and will be more than happy to deliver an assembly to inform student of these amazing opportunities. Please click the link below for more on providers in your area. 

For those burning questions please follow the link below to find NCS’ frequently asked questions. 

If you have any additional questions, please call 0800 197 8010.   


The opportunities with NCS continue through roles available to work throughout the summerThere will be a variety of NCS programmes and activities this year to engage and support young people all over the country and programme staff play a crucial role in making NCS participants experiences the best they can be, by being a mentor, a sounding board and a role model. 

To find out more, follow the link below to submit your interest. 


The NCS Trust is also supporting the Kickstart scheme with support packages for employers and work placements for young people aged 18 to 24. The scheme offers funding to create six-month long job placements all over the UK for young people currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment. They will receive a salary at the National Minimum Wage, and a wealth of experience and training to get them ready to tackle the world of work. So, if you are an employer or young person wanting to get involved, please follow the link below for more. 

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