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The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club offer support for disadvantaged students aiming to access University.

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The Brilliant Club is a UK-wide university access charity focused on increasing the number of less advantaged students accessing the most competitive universities and supporting them to succeed when they get there. There are a number of different programmes available with two outlined below:

FREE: Join the Dots, developed in collaboration with the Reach Foundation and the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham, brings together schools and colleges together with universities to support students who are most likely to face barriers during the transition to higher education.

On the programme, schools and colleges identify less advantaged Year 13 students who meet key targeting criteria and have applied to one or more of the programme’s partner universities. Students will take part in a series of university preparation activities, delivered through in-school resources and by The Brilliant Club.

On Results Day students are matched with a PhD Coach from their university. Each PhD Coach supports up to eight students and works together with each student’s school or college to support them throughout the six-month transition programme.

COSTED: The Scholars Programme allows for PhD tutors to deliver their subject knowledge and passion for learning with small groups of pupils aged 8-18. It helps them to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to secure a place at a competitive university.

The programme is available to state schools across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is structured around seven tutorials, and pupils also attend a Graduation Event at a partner university to speak with current undergraduates and learn about university life. Fourteen pupils are in one placement, taught in two smaller groups of seven. They work towards completing a challenging final assignment which is marked and moderated using university grades.

They offer placements to schools in autumn, spring and summer terms, with each lasting around eight weeks.

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