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University Academy 92

University Academy 92 (UA92) offer immersive education that works for people with big ambitions and real lives to juggle. UA92 take their students beyond their potential, enabling, supporting and facilitating personal development journeys to unlock greatness.

You can hear more from their Student Recruitment Officer, Matthew, on who they are and what they represent by clicking HERE

UA92 look to add value and expand on their belief of empowering young people and developing them as individual characters. Therefore, their new Outreach Menu provides sessions that you can request them to deliver, either on their campus or on your site, to groups of students you feel would benefit. Below are a few of the newly created sessions and their event descriptions for you to get an idea of the type of session they now offer.


Public Speaking Session: We all have a story. A story that could influence a generation. A story, that can change the world. The problem is… Not many of us know how to tell it. Join Prep-Talk, powered by UA92, in a variety of interactive public speaking and confidence sessions, where we provide young people with all the tools they need to let their voices be heard. The great thing here is, they already have all the equipment needed to do this, as they themselves are their greatest asset. Over 130 young people have attended Prep-Talk this year with a majority rating the session ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’!

Stress Less

Students commonly experience stress due to the increased workload, balancing their time management, changes in eating and sleeping habits, and not having a huge focus on their own self-care. Transitioning to college and thinking about next steps can be a source of great stress for a lot of students. Stress Less, powered by UA92, is an energising workshop designed to provide your pupils with useful techniques to combat the stresses of college, exams, and their future choices through a variety of interactive activities!

Don’t Sweat The Next Step

We have all at some point, had anxieties about Higher-Education. Whether it be how you will afford to pay for rent, books, and travel, how you will fit in with other students, how to cook for yourself and avoiding living off Pot Noodles for 3 years! These worries are completely normal, and ‘Don’t Sweat The Next Step’ has analysed real data which allows us to talk through the most common concerns students have when it comes to Higher-Education. Together, we will break these concerns down and dispel some of the myths that are out there when applying to university in an interactive and simplistic way.

UA92 also believe everyone deserves the opportunity to “Make it for Real”, so they are offering a FREE package for worth £5,000* to support students eligible in accessing Higher Education and unlocking the career of your dreams. Click the image below to learn more.

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