CL CPD – February Session

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CL CPD February Session – Chat with : Tapping into funded resources

The focus was on bringing your free resources from the careers world to use in your everyday classes. The session started with re-iterating the key considerations before putting these resources into your programme.

Key questions:

  • How are you mapping any resources or activities resource​ within your 2, 5 or 7 year programme? Think careers education journey.
  • How can you link to improvement plans, vision and ethos, targeted cohorts etc.?
  • Start with the learning outcomes. Do they link to the questions above?
  • Consider logistics. What activities fit with your timetable, staff availability, year group priorities, your capacity?  

Theo – UniConnect

Resources have been adapted to the virtual world. Sessions  are available as shorter assembly presentation or longer classroom delivered sessions. Resources continue to be high quality and link to LMI, HE and positive futures. All can be delivered by teachers even if they do not have prior knowledge.

Click on this pdf for their programme outline Future U Activities. Visit the website. Make contact at the above email.

Add Future U provision to your career programmes for September when Future U delivery may be possible.

Jon – Uni Taster Days

Click around their website focusing on the menu tabs of FREE resources. Check out the banner on the home page too for live events.

  • EVENT SEARCH. Events for school/college groups from UK universities (over 1100 events)
  • EVENT REQUEST. Request directly from universities – careers fairs, talks, ambassadors etc
  • EVENTS EMAIL. Subscribe to receive the latest news plus up-to-date versions of the teachers’ guide to university
  • ON DEMAND WEBINARS. A platform of university guide videos. with a search function

Judith – Skills Builder

A framework to focus on 8 essential skills grouped under communication, creative problem solving, self-management and interpersonal skills. Following an initial assessment, you teach each skill through its  development steps. Students progress through the steps at the pace appropriate to them rather than their age.

Teacher Resource – Skills Builder Hub.  Lessons; workbooks; assessments; rewards; posters and more. A skills leader will be identified from within your school/college. They will be trained and supported in planning a year’s programme matching your priorities. This will be disseminated to the rest of the staff. Cost if unsuccessful for the free offer is £1800 pa (digital membership is a cheaper offer but no support)

Applications are now open to access the Accelerator Programme for FREE. Register here.

1st deadline = 1st April.   2nd deadline = 28th May.  3rd deadline = 2nd July

The following documents will support your application:

Skills Builder-Application form preview       and       Skills Builder-Criteria for applications

Chris – BAE Systems and Enterprise Adviser

As an Aerospace Engineer at BAE Systems and STEM Ambassador for the company, Chris showcased how to utilise your EA with some STEM examples. More information can be found on their website:

The company also runs an Engineering Taster Week scheme, giving 40 students, aged 16-18, from across the country the chance to come into our company and spend a week learning what the Air Sector is about.

Taster Week Facts:

  • 5 day Residential experience
  • Accommodation provided
  • Food provided both onsite and as part of the accommodation package
  • Travel provided throughout the week’s on-site activities

Taster Week Applications Portal:

Careers Resources

Events & Competitions

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