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The In2scienceUK programme offers Year 12 students the chance to gain real-world experience, expert insights and practical support to help kickstart their career pathway into an area of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).  

Our exciting programme will connect your students to experts from all areas of STEM through both virtual and in-person experiences, focusing on providing them with the guidance they need to confidently choose a career pathway and produce high-quality UCAS and apprenticeship applications. They will also get the chance to meet and engage with other like-minded young people whilst exploring STEM subjects beyond the classroom and undertaking their own research tasks. 

By securing a place on the In2scienceUK summer programme, students will gain access to: 

  • An in-person placement with a STEM professional working hands-on in an area of your student’s interest. During their placement they will gain a valuable insight into daily life working in STEM, boost their subject knowledge and gain valuable experience for UCAS or apprenticeship applications. 
  • Workshops designed to provide students with the skills they need to progress in university, apprenticeships and careers. These include careers panels, personal statement advice, presentation skills and talks from universities and employers. 
  • Public engagement competitions to allow students to share their experiences and everything they’ve learned with the general public, boosting their skills in STEM public engagement whilst having the chance to win great prizes. 


After finishing the programme, students will also have the chance to join our exclusive alumni network. Here, they will have the opportunity to connect with similar people, attend events, and receive support going into the future. 

Click HERE to sign up for a presentation which will explain how the In2scienceUK programme works and how students can apply.

Alternatively, your students can start their application today by clicking HERE




After completing the 2021 programme: 

76.4% agreed or strongly agreed that ‘I feel confident that I can write a quality UCAS application 

79.3% agreed or strongly agreed that ‘I know quite a lot about science, technology, engineering or maths’ ’  

80.6% agreed or strongly agreed that ‘I understand the content and structure of a range of STEM degrees’ 

88.5% agreed or strongly agreed that ‘I know a number of diverse careers I could enter with the degree I am choosing’  


For any Year 12 Students, thinking about pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or maths and want to have confidence in their next steps, let In2ScienceUK support.

Students can apply for a place on the programme and gain access to specialist knowledge, experiences and insights that will help produce high-quality applications and success.

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