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CyberFirst helps young people discover the dynamic industry of cyber security, what a job in cyber can lead to, and will help them to explore their passion for technology. CyberFirst has a number of opportunities for you to get involved with: CyberFirst Schools & Colleges Programme, CyberFirst Girls Competition, CyberFirst Days and Cyber Explorers. HOST, in partnership with the NCSC, delivers CyberFirst programmes to young people across the North West, making careers in technology more accessible.

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CyberFirst Schools & Colleges Recognition Programme

The CyberFirst Schools & Colleges scheme is a fully funded initiative that is bringing educators across the North West region access to tailored resources, events, and support for your computing curriculum as well as the opportunity to enrol in an initiative that marks out your school as a pioneer in cyber education with a free accreditation from the NCSC.

What does it mean to be a CyberFirst School or College? 


To find out more about CyberFirst Schools & Colleges recognition programme, please click here.

We were delighted to see 8 Lancashire Schools and Colleges achieve the CyberFirst recognition during the 22/23 academic year – find them here.

Could your school or college be next? 

To register your interest, please email  or complete this form.


CyberFirst Days at HOST Salford

These sessions are designed to help young people discover the cyber security industry, find out what a job in cyber can lead to and help them explore their passion for technology. There are two programmes available:

CyberFirst Trailblazers is a free half day event created for Year 8 students. The event is designed to showcase the varied opportunities that can be achieved through the understanding of how technology is used in the workplace. This is the first in a series of CyberFirst events which will start each student on the exciting path of considering which GCSE’s they will take and how Computer Science can play a key role in future career prospects.

CyberFirst Adventurers is a free half day event created for Year 9 students. This is the second in a series of events which has been created, to highlight the varied roles and jobs that both exist and involve technology in the workplace. This will excite and enthuse students with an interest in technology, both in what we use now and in the future. It has also been designed to counter the stereotype that computer science is a subject that only leads to jobs in programming and coding. The course is aimed at students who have not yet made their GCSE choices, so that they get the opportunity to see how studying computer science could potentially augment and enhance their future career paths.

To find out more about what they day entails for these programmes, take a look at this PDF and visit this website.

To register your interest, please email  or complete this form.


CyberFirst Girls Competition

The CyberFirst Girls Competition aims to inspire girls interested in technology to pursue a career in cyber security. Registration for this year’s competition is OPEN NOW!

What is the CyberFirst Girls Competition? 

To find out more about this year’s competition, please click here. 

Register HERE!


Cyber Explorers

Cyber Explorers is a fun, free and interactive learning platform for future digital superstars. An exciting addition to UK curriculum delivery or after school activities.

At 11-14 years, young people really can be anything they want to be. The only certainty is that careers of the future demand digital skills.

Cyber Explorers, an initiative led by His Majesty’s Government, showcases how the skills being taught in class are linked to real world situations, through an immersive, gamified learning experience.

A virtual world where Cyber Explorers uncover how digital, computing and cyber security skills are integral to successful career paths.

Join us on a journey helping citizens of Cyber City take their careers to the next level.

To find out more about Cyber Explorers and how to register, please visit this website. 


CyberFirst Courses

Want to do something that makes a difference this summer?

Are you enthusiastic about technology and interested in exploring and expanding what you know about staying safe online? CyberFirst’s programme of free face-to-face and online summer courses could be just the thing to develop essential skills and bring a fresh purpose to your break.

The CyberFirst DefendersFutures and Advanced courses are for 14 to 17-year-olds. You’ll learn all kinds of practical insights into digital safety and how everyday technology really works. Course content will be delivered in our usual fun and interesting way, and you’ll get to meet lots of like-minded students.

Keep an eye out for events being released HERE!

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