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The ASK Programme

The ASK programme is fully funded by the Department for Education and offers all educational establishments in England access to support to increase awareness of apprenticeships, traineeships and T Levels amongst students, parents, carers, teachers and career advisers. The activities and workshops delivered through ASK are inspiring sessions that are delivered by local experts (ASK delivery partners), on behalf of the Department for Education. All activities and workshops are designed to inform and inspire your students, staff and parents about apprenticeships, traineeships and T Levels. More info included in the brochure linked below. Most activities have been designed flexibly so that they can be delivered as a face to face or virtual session, depending on what works best for your school/college. Some activities can only be delivered in-person and we encourage schools and colleges to book activities as an in-person session wherever possible to increase engagement and overall impact. Online resources can be accessed through the resource hub on the government website, All resources are free to download and use within your school or college. The resources have been designed to complement and support your careers programme and the activities that you engage with through face-to-face and online support. All activities and resources have been cross-referenced to the Gatsby Benchmarks to support schools and colleges when recording their activities on Compass.

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