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STEM Community Groups – we have just launched the STEM Community Groups and they have taken off beyond our expectation with over 4,000 users across the UK. This is a safe space for educators of all things STEM to chat, share ideas, resources, tips and we have grown the community space already now to include phase specific as well as Careers and Clubs Event; there is also a section on STEM news. It is free to access and will hopefully be of great interest to STEM teachers and Careers Leads.

National Centre of Computing Education. This continues to strive and the evidence suggests we are really making a difference with upskilling and equipping teachers of Computer Science. Interestingly, the STEM Ambassador programme has also seen a surge in requests for digital literacy engagements to contextualise the usage of IT in the world of work so the digital piece is very hot at the moment. The beauty of this programme is the very generous bursaries for schools, explained further here; it is very complicated so the best way is for a teacher to sign up with the Teach Computing website with their school and the system will sort out the pricing automatically. The most funded element is the Computer Science Accelerator Programme, which focuses on teachers of GCSE CS and offers funded courses and on completion of 10 hours comes with a bursary of £920 per teacher completing the course, for the school. This is open to ITT and SCITT teachers as well.

Nuffield Research Placements: this is the latest programme to join the STEM Learning offer and is a Year 12 widening participation programme to encourage young people to link with HE and industry to gain experience of a research project through a summer placement. We have all the students we need currently but we are still looking for placement companies if there is anyone you know of.

Below is information for our Curio Seminar Series, with STEM Ambassadors talking about areas of expertise such as Dementia, use of bubbles and Material Science in Aerospace. Due to my tardiness, there is only the Dementia one yet to run but we are issuing more so please do spread the words to schools and employers as these sessions are open to both. If you have anyone that would like to host one, please do let me know.

Up North Computing Festival; just launched, this is a virtual event at the start of July for anyone interested in or teaching anything to do with Computer Science and Digital Technology. These are one hour sessions, free of charge, which cover exciting, interactive ways to engage with students so please do spread the word. The flyer also has the programme and the booking links.

Please see the attachment for access to CPD delivery plans on STEM.

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